​" WHERE ALL IS ONE AND ONE IS ALL "


Reinaldo Larez, President

Reinaldo Larez stands as a paragon in the world of business. He is the proud Founder and Owner of several leading establishments including the Phoenix Sports Agency, American Bag Company, Reiner Development, Reiner Realty, and Reiner Homes — a group renowned for its excellence in real estate. With a vast professional journey spanning over two decades, Reinaldo has amassed profound expertise in diverse arenas.

His credentials include:

·       Banking and Accounting

·       International Financial Advisory

·       Licensed Amadeus One Travel Agent

·       Licensed Real Estate Broker in Arizona

·       Residential & Commercial General Contractor in both Arizona & California

·       Licensed Public Notary in Arizona

·       IFA Certified Personal Trainer and Biomechanics Specialist

·       Life Coaching

Furthermore, he is celebrated as one of Arizona's top Latin Small Business Advisors.
Reinaldo's roots trace back to Maturin, where he was not only an academic achiever but also a sports enthusiast. During his high school years, he excelled in football, baseball, and basketball, earning the esteemed title of First Team All-State in baseball for his native state of Monagas, Venezuela. His prowess on the baseball field led him to a coveted scholarship at the Superior University of Marketing in Caracas. He capped his educational journey with a B.A. in Business Administration, setting the stage for his illustrious career ahead.

Patrick Reiner, CEO

Director of NFL & NBA

With a dynamic leadership style and an adept understanding of marketing, Patrick Reiner has been steering the helm as the Chief Executive Officer since July 2011. Showcasing a rich academic foundation, Patrick boasts dual degrees: a B.A. in Mathematics and a B.S. in Physics from the prestigious Johns Hopkins University. Building upon this foundation, he pursued and earned an M.S. in Financial Mathematics from Florida State University in 2007. Patrick's perfect blend of academic excellence and professional experience positions him as a visionary leader in his field.

​Dr. Alexander Nicolas, COO

Born in the vibrant city of Panama City, Panama, Dr. Alexander Nicolas embarked on a journey that led him to be a multifaceted icon. Relocating to the United States in 1988, his prowess in baseball saw him play professionally at the tender age of 16 alongside Roberto Kelly, the renowned former 3rd base coach for the San Francisco Giants.

But Alexander's talents don't stop at the baseball diamond. He's an acclaimed recording artist, with his music even making it to the Grammy’s entry list. Adding another feather to his cap, he's the charismatic host of 'In the Mix' on 1077 FM's The Bronc Radio station in New Jersey.

Baseball, however, remains a deep-seated passion. Over the years, he has donned various hats: from serving as a Head Coach and Assistant Coach at the high school level to helming the directorship of several esteemed baseball academies. Alexander Nicolas's name resonates with dedication, talent, and an undying love for the game of baseball.

Joe Nicolosi, Head of Golf Department

Hailing from the scenic landscapes of upstate New York, Joe Nicolosi's sportsmanship shines bright. A dual-sport marvel, Joe showcased exceptional skills in both Basketball and Golf, with the pinnacle being his attainment of state qualifier status during his senior year.

His passion extends beyond just playing; he possesses a genuine heart for athletes, guiding them with dedication to elevate their careers to new heights.

While in his freshman year of college, Joe seized the opportunity to intern with the AAA Baseball team, The Rochester Red Wings, an affiliate of the Minnesota Twins. Immersed in this dynamic environment, Joe honed crucial skills: from athlete marketing, meticulous management of their schedules, to fostering player-fan relations with finesse.

Relentlessly driven and always in the corner of his clients, Joe Nicolosi is not just a name, but a promise of commitment and unparalleled advocacy in the world of sports.

​Kleyvert Rodriguez Cueto, General Sports Agent - Baseball

Originating from the vibrant Mantilla in Ciudad de la Habana, Cuba, Kleyvert Rodriguez Cueto stands as a testament to dedication and sportsmanship. He has a rich academic background, having graduated with an ABA in Physical Education and Recreation from ISCF Manuel Fajardo.

Kleyvert's prowess on the field is noteworthy. He proudly represented the Cuba National Team in the Little League World Series, showcasing his skills in tournaments across Brazil and Mexico.

However, his contributions to baseball extend beyond just playing. With a deep-rooted passion for coaching and teaching, Rodriguez has facilitated numerous baseball technique classes, elevating training standards in diverse regions like Dubai, Mexico, Russia, Venezuela, Canada, Serbia, and Montenegro.

Currently, Kleyvert is sharing his expertise in Europe, serving as the esteemed pitching coach for the Cagliari Baseball Club in Sardegna, Italy. His journey from Cuba to Italy and various parts of the world underscores his commitment to the game and his relentless pursuit of excellence.