​" WHERE ALL IS ONE AND ONE IS ALL "

We can make it possible to continue your dream  by playing in an independent  professional baseball league. 


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Phoenix Sports Agency (PSA) ensures that our players and their careers are handled with exceptional expertise off-the-field – which allows our players to focus and succeed on the field.
Services include:

- Player Contract Negotiations

- Free Agent Contracts

- Preparation and Presentation of arbitration Cases

- Draft Advisement

- Equipment Contracts Endorsements

- Appearances, Private Signings and Memorabilia Deals

- Accounting ( Federal and State Tax preparation and planning )

- Public relations

- Marketing

- Concierge Client Services

- Career Planning & Management

- Financial management Coordination 

We are a "full service" company and our services encompass all that is required on the field as well as endeavors away from the game. We perform negotiations of every player’s contract including draft bonus, Minor League deals, and free agent deals. We develop innovative marketing strategies for our players and have a full concierge service to handle all day-to-day business our players may need.